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12 Reasons Why You Need SEO Experts for Your Small Business

Organic searches create 51% of website traffic. Is your website helping you maximise that traffic?

That valuable search traffic is why you need Search Engine Optimisation. More visits to your site grow your audience and may increase sales.

But doing it yourself is time-consuming, stressful, and potentially unsuccessful. The internet is full of different Search Engine Optimisation tips and some questionable suggestions. It’s overwhelming to figure out where to start.

When you hire an SEO agency, you hand over the worry to the pros. It lets you focus on your business while they focus on your Search Engine Optimisation.

If you’re asking yourself, “Do I need a pro?” the answer is probably yes. Keep reading to find out what you gain from using an expert.

1. Leave It to the Experts

What’s your area of expertise? You know a lot about your business niche. But Search Engine Optimisation probably isn’t at the top of your list of talents.

It’s smart to know the basics as a business owner. But learning all the intricacies of it can take years.

Hiring a reputable SEO company gives you instant access to expert-level knowledge on getting your website higher in search results. That can be a significant relief to you. Handing over the duties can reduce your stress, which makes it easier to handle other business duties.

2. Save Yourself Time

Your business needs you to focus your expertise on core business activities. Pulling yourself away from those activities to sort out your SEO can slow your growth. When you’re stretched too thin, you’re not able to lead as effectively.

SEO companies know what they’re doing. So they can tackle the tasks much faster. Instead of first researching how to do SEO, they can go right to work.

Since you don’t have to try to figure it all out and implement the strategies, you free up more time to focus on your business. Your SEO improves, and you put your time and energy toward other activities.

3. Speed Up SEO Results

You can’t expect to move from the third page of search results to the first overnight. SEO is a lengthy process.

But hiring an expert in the field can help you get results faster. They analyse your needs to create a strategy for you. That saves time by avoiding strategies that don’t work.

Since SEO is their business, they can implement the strategies right away. When you do your SEO, you’re balancing it with everything else on your plate. It can take longer to update your SEO and create rich content.

4. Access SEO Tools

SEO tools make it easier to improve your website. Examples include:

  • Keyword suggestion tools
  • Plagiarism checkers
  • Backlink analysers
  • Keyword density tools
  • Link validation tools

These tools speed up many of the processes. A link checker automatically makes sure your links still work. Those working links help your site rank higher.

Keyword tools help you choose and use keywords effectively.

Sure, you can use these tools yourself. But they can take time to master. Paid tools also cost you more money.

Hiring an SEO company means you gain access to the tools they use at no additional cost to you. Because they use those tools all the time, SEO experts can work them efficiently. That helps maximise their use on your website without you needing to learn anything new.

5. Stay on Top of Changes

Google changes algorithms frequently, often daily. As a business owner, you don’t have time to keep up with all those changes.

It’s an SEO company’s job to stay on top of the latest trends, which is why you need experts working for you. They watch for significant changes in the search algorithms to keep client websites in line with what’s happening.

That means your website SEO can change as needed to keep up with those trends. It helps you maintain and even increase your traffic. Website owners who handle SEO themselves may miss those changes and see a drop in traffic.

An SEO company can also keep up with changes in your company. Say your SEO needs an increase. A company devoted to SEO can ramp up their efforts for you because they have the staff to devote to it.

Your keyword needs can also change over time. An expert in the field can help you decide which keywords to use at any given time.

6. Prevent SEO Mistakes

Are you confused by the various strategies and recommendations you find online? You’ll find conflicting advice and a wide range of things you should do. But how do you know what works?

Or maybe you’re teaching yourself SEO strategies as you go through trial and error. That can be an effective way to learn. But it can also cost you time and result in costly mistakes.

SEO experts know which techniques work. Instead of wasting money testing out different strategies, you get proven strategies that work right away.

SEO companies understand things like how to choose primary keywords and how often to use them. They know how to use meta descriptions and other features effectively.

Even small mistakes in those areas can knock you down in the search results. That makes your site more difficult to find and can decrease traffic.

An expert can also customise the strategies to fit your needs. Techniques you find online may work for some businesses, but your company might benefit more from a different approach.

7. Receive Detailed Analysis

SEO companies often give you metrics showing the results of your SEO efforts. Those metrics help you see things like how many visitors you get and how you rank for specific keywords.

If you’re not an expert yourself, you may not know how to track that data. Getting that insight from a pro shows you how well your SEO works.

8. Get Ongoing SEO Support

SEO isn’t a one-time task. Rankings in search results change all the time. If you’re not continually working on your SEO, you can’t expect to stay in a top position.

Monitoring and adjusting your SEO helps you stay competitive. Tracking the results of your SEO efforts enables you to spot a problem.

Your SEO expert can help you figure out why your traffic dropped and help you fix the situation. They can recommend new strategies or changes in keywords.

9. Control of SEO Spending

Yes, it costs money to hire a quality company. But you’re already paying one way or another.

If you’re not using best practices at all, you’re losing money on missed traffic.

If you do it yourself, you’re spending your time on the task. Your time has value.

If you ask a current staff member to handle it, you’re paying that person a salary. They’re taking time away from other tasks that could also help boost your income.

If you hire a full-time employee, you have the salary, benefits, and other employment costs.

Hiring an SEO company gives you control over your budget. You know how much you’re spending.

10. Increase Traffic and Profitability

Paying for Search Engine Optimisation help gives you a good return on your investment. Increased traffic results in more customers and increased sales. You may be spending money on SEO, but you make more money than you did without it.

You may also be able to cut back on your advertising budget. With more organic traffic, you may find you don’t need as many paid ads. Your Search Engine Optimisation related traffic may be a more effective way to reach new customers.

11. Follow Ethical SEO Practices

If you research Search Engine Optimisation, you’ll come across a lot of creative suggestions. How do you know which ones work? And how do you know which ones are ethical?

Some people use sneaky methods to rank higher in search results. Taking a shortcut may seem smart. But taking an ethical approach to Search Engine Optimisation pays off in the long run.

Search engines have guidelines when it comes to ranking search results. If you break the rules they establish, your site won’t rank well. You may even get your website banned from the results.

Ethical business practices also establish an excellent reputation for your company. You don’t want a reputation for using questionable techniques to get ahead.

Letting an SEO company handle the work gives you peace of mind. You know they’re using strategies that help you rank higher without getting banned.

12. Access Other Services

Search Engine Optimisation companies often provide a range of related services. Once you find a good SEO expert you love, you may decide to try those other options.

Say you see a growth in web traffic with help from your SEO company. You decide to venture into email marketing to grow your following and increase sales.

An excellent SEO company can offer those services. Since they’re already working on your website’s SEO, they know your business and your goals. It’s a natural fit to hire the same company for other business-growing services.

Why You Need SEO

Now that you know why you need Search Engine Optimisation experts, it’s time to find one. We offer search engine optimisation, email marketing, lead generation, and growth hacking services. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your traffic and your business.